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56 / Single / kiev

My name is Rose. I am 55 years old. I live in Ukraine.


29 / Single / Mersin


76 / Divorced / chicago

Sakari Oja

57 / Divorced / Tampere

PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT ME 57 years, 174 cm, 74 kg perfect health (no traumas, no sicknesses, no disabilities, no medications) good physics (2 km swim, 10 km run, 35 km cycling, no problem) no tobacco, no addictions, alcohol only minuscule amounts Nationality: Finnish. Living in Finland, south Spain or Greece in my houses in different...


38 / Single / Zhitomir

My name is Galina. I live in Zhitomir. "She is simple, but inviting , she has a zest" – it’s the little that I heard in my address from others. My friends say that I have a good heart, I am intelligent, romantic and with a sense of humor. I...


53 / Divorced / monsora


49 / DavidLiz


34 / Single / Herson

My name is Ira. I am single and do not have children. I live with my mom. I am from Herson, its little, but very beautiful city. I work in little company. I love children, I enjoy spend time with my friends and my mom.


41 / Divorced / Kiev

My name is Taisa. I live in Kiev. I am divorced and live with my younger daughter. My older daughter has her own life already. I work in Real Estate. I am not rich, but I have everything in my own house. When I will meet my...

Tom Palmer

71 / Divorced / Lviv

The most important thing is that I want to find a lovely woman who wants to stay in Ukraine but with a western husband.  I like my life here (4 years so far) and intend to stay.  I have a lot of interests and I want someone to share it...


68 / Kiev

Phone for contact +380679749242. Viber and Whatssapp


41 / Divorced / Kiev

I live in Kiev in my own apartment. Many years I was a cooker in a big restaurant in Kiev. The cooker is my profession. I like to cook. But life changes and now I work as a seller in a small flower’s shop. I like my job....