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70 / Kiev

Phone for contact +380679749242. Viber and Whatssapp


29 / Divorced / Kiev

My name is Daria. I'm very loving and sensitive person. I love children and animals, have a big heart! I want to live my life with a man who will make me happy.


30 / Single / Kiev

Му name is Irina. I am from Ukraine. I am 30 years old, 169 cm, 49 kg. I am single, no children. I graduated University and work as a Cosmetologist. As I was born in a village not far from Kiev, I can tell that I country-side girl.


26 / Single / Kiev

My name is Dasha. I am kind, educated, honest and serious. I dream about a good and happy family, with my husband and our children. I am looking for big love.


27 / Single / Vinnitsa

My name is Julia. I am from Ukraine, from not big city in the center from Ukraine-Vinnitsa. I am single, no children. I am 27 years old, 169 cm, 55 kg. I am visagist. I am calm, tender, easy -going and creative. I like the life itself. My frieds say...


38 / Single / Kiev

My name is Ekaterina. I am tender and creative, I take care about my health and my looks. I like the sports, healthy food and everything beautiful. Like all women I like the jewelry a lot, any expensive, not expensive, by jewelry. I buy the jewelry myself...


43 / Single / Kiev


26 / Single / Kiev

Меня зовут Дария Мне 26 лет Дева Магистр права Юрист Вес -50 кг Рост -155 см Чемпионка Европы по восточным танцам Сейчас нахожусь в Грузии Я серьезная девушка и я хочу любви, семью, детей. Я всегда в стабильно хорошем настроении. Я достаточно стрессоустойчивая. Я адекватная девушка и мне нужен адекватный и стабильный мужчина) Я не хочу интриг, ссор,...


52 / Widowed / Kiev

My name is Lilya. I am soft, feminine, affectionate, tender, warm and modest. Enjoy the arts and literature. My character is calm, even tempered, polite, no bad habits.


43 / Divorced / Odessa

My name is Natasha. I was born in the South of Ukraine and liked a lot the sea and the nature. I live in Odessa. I am creative, serious, independent and educated. I have strong personality. I am graduated two Universities and continue to study. I am lawyer and speak...


35 / Single / Kiev

I am easy going, reasonable, very funny and sociable, straight to the point woman.


34 / Single / Kiev

My name is Rina. I am from Kiev, but now I live in Germany. I am 34 years old, 168 cm, 49 kg I am single and I was never married. My profession is Engineer. I am serious, romantic and kind.