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    Medical doctor

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  • About me

    57 years, 174 cm, 74 kg
    perfect health (no traumas, no sicknesses, no disabilities, no medications)
    good physics (2 km swim, 10 km run, 35 km cycling, no problem)
    no tobacco, no addictions, alcohol only minuscule amounts
    Nationality: Finnish. Living in Finland, south Spain or Greece in my houses in different seasons, wherever is nice to be
    Languages: Finnish (native), English (perfect), Swedish (perfect), Spanish (good), German (adequate)
    Divorced, not in a committed relationship, no underage kids
    First apologies of the hard data facts to follow. They are just as such, facts. But I am not an arrogant person. More like humble, because life has been good to me and I am grateful. I have good self esteem though, and I don’t get easily upset if my Lady uses harsh words of my mishaps (I do make them sometimes…). I really don’t like to have a quarrel. But I like to temper my Lady with affection if she gets upset.
    I like an easy going way of life. Nice places, nice friends, nice houses and especially a nice Lady.
    I never lie, I get all I need in life just being open and straight in any case. I am faithful in a committed relationship. I regard unfaithfulness almost like a mortal sin.
    I can be tough to myself, even cruel when I do things (like exercise, physical work, even running my company previously almost without sleep). But never to other people. And I have been tough to myself, that is how I made me and my company to succeed. I am not afraid to put my hands to dirt if it is needed (sawdust, grovel, mould, even manure in farm work). But I like to keep clean otherways (my houses and so).
    I am especially fond of travelling to places. Part of the reason I own houses in three countries, but also shorter periods in other places. Always with a companion, it is really not so fun to do it alone. Countries or islands that I have visited either partly medical conferences or as a common tourist: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, United Kingom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Andorra, Spain, Portugal, Swizerland, Austria, Estonia, Hungary, Check republic, Slovenia, Italy, Monaco, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Turkey, Israel, Thailand, Malaysia, Mauritius, Madeira, Canary Islands, Caribbean islands (Antigua, Barbuda, Sint Maarten, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, St Kitts, Newis, US Virgin Islands, UK Virgin islands), USA (New York, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Worth, Dallas, Tampa, Gainesville), Hawaii (Kauai, Oahu, Big Island), Japan (Tokyo, Kioto), South Korea. But still a lot of places to see (the whole South America, Australia, New Zealand, still other islands of my favourite area Caribbean and so on…).
    I especially like to please, take care and help my Lady. I think it is a mans job. For the Lady is just important to take care of herself (it is good for her health as well), and show affection and even love to me. And I have good means to treat a Lady properly (and time, because I have already about gotten all other things in life I need so no obligation to work for living).
    Academic education: Medical doctor, PhD (clinical physiology), also MSc (mathematics, sciences, statistics)
    Medical qualification: Specialist in European Union at clinical neurophysiology
    Tenure: University of Tampere, Medical faculty 20 years, assistant professor, associate professor, appointed professor (physiology, applied physiology). University hospital of Tampere specialist in departments of clinical physiology and clinical neurophysiology (overlapping academic tenure, also about 20 years). Private consultant in 16 (out of 21) other central/university hospitals in Finland through my own consultation company. Now only internet consultations to same hospitals, merely as hobby and to keep the brain not getting bored. These I can do wherever (in the middle of forest in Finland, mountains in Montenegro, roadside in Europe, in the beach in Caribbean, boating in Turkey…).
    Established my own medical consultation company in 2002, also own 25% of our bigger neurophysiological consultation firm in Tampere .
    Net worth >10 M€, yearly income 400 k€ – 1.6 M€ (capital gains in investments and medical work profits).
    4 houses in Finland (3 different places close to big cities, 2 of them 40 mins to Helsinki airport). Also a big farm south Finland, 100 hectares forest 20 hectares farmland (120 hectares is 1,2 km2), 2 houses in Benalmadena (15 mins to Malaga airport, also Marbella 20 mins), 2 houses in Greece (island of Tinos).
    8 cars in Finland (MB 320E, 2 Volvo S80, 2 Volvo 70, Citroen Berlingo, others older), 3 cars in Spain (Ferrari 599 GTB, Volvo S80, MB 190E), 1 car in Tinos (Fiat Panda 4×4 Climbing, like a jeep in bad roads, but good in highways as well).

  • Things I am looking for in a person are:

    This is a bit embarrassing to write. I think that every woman that takes care of herself and her looks is worth. Some things is good to show, but they are all a bit relative (so not everything should be exactly like so).
    I am looking for myself a partner in life (wife could be another word), but even having nice company at first to have good times together is ok, and it can be a start to plan future together.
    character: easy going, sweet, feminine
    age: (30-)34-40(-42)
    body type: slightly slim-normal (not model type slim)
    height -177 (so not much taller than me…)
    not much artificial (I like natural beauty), so not much like anything silicon, tattoos etc.
    I seem to like more dark hair and brown eyes, but this is definitely not any big issue, blue eyes can be extremely beautiful as well, even light coloured hair.
    language skills: at least some English, I can learn Russian in the long run
    in general liking the way I live and wanting to be part of it. I can support my Lady so it is not necessary to work (but having a job/career is not an absolute problem, I am good in making compromises).