When I met him, I understood he is the man of my dream.
When we had our first date I told to my girlfriend: “You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if the man of my dreams came through that door right now!”
And I was right! When I saw him I was sure it’s my future husband.
He was good-looking man, with elegant style, with blue eyes and very nice smile.
Andre told me, he was very happy to see me, because in some second he understood it’s special meeting.
He invited me for dinner and we have very nice evening together, we talked about life, and laughing a lot, we was very happy. We together 6 month. And we like it very much! He proposed me be his girlfriend. I feel protect and safe with him. I like take care about him. We best friends and love each other. We have a lot of similar interests.
We love traveling together. We like seeing new places, having new experiences, immersing in new cultures, we eating new foods.
We love trying new things every time. Sometimes we laugh a lot, we have passion and love, we like trying different things together it’s something soft and loving. We spend a lot of time in nature. We walking often, we hold hands, we kiss a lot each other , listen each other, we really love each other.
We have many positive moments. But sometimes we can’t understand each other. Because we have different cultures, different languages. But our feelings and love help us to understand each other in any life question.
I want love him, make him happy.
Because he is a man of my dreams.

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