Luda good morning. This morning I filled up my car with fuel and the attendant was a Ukrainian woman, who told me that she will never go back to live in Ukraine because she is fine in Italy. The luckiest women in your country work as bartenders, petrol stations, carers… in Italy. Almost no one gets a better and better paid job. So I thought that your ladies are very far from reality because they think they have everything they want, instead they will see that reality is totally different. I am sorry that people have no awareness. Last night, eating with friends there were some Italian women (besides men of course). These women were doctors, lawyers, engineers, pharmacists .. They all have a great job, great culture, a good social position, money, at least a house of their own, their own car … They can afford to travel, dress fashionably, they are totally economically independent … Some things are inexplicable. Hello. G.


  1. Rose

    30/08/2023 at 09:07

    thanks for letter, who you are? What is your name?

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