Greetings to fellow gentlemen!

Today I want to talk about how to end Toxic Relationship.

We take journey to the other side of the world and spend so much time, energy and money to meet some one special. And after countless of meetings with ladies, we meet the one lady whom we feel special and we take our chances to see if she is the One.

As much as success, many special encountering relationship can end up as toxic relationship.

This is Real life and love hurts because we could fall for wrong women! (Nowadays young generation girls consider selfie and self centered mind as stylish lifestyle. You can’t change the trend!)

Especially if you are natural giver and very serious person…in many cases, you can be easily hunted by predator type ladies who are searching for nice guys like you.

And you won’t even know until she really hit your bottom with her toxic natures.

If you just found out her dark side of toxic nature then you would be asking questions why and how did you end up with these horrible ones.

Instead of asking these psychological questions to yourself, I suggest you mr.nice gentlemen to try out following 3 steps to move out from toxic ambience.

1. Think of yourself first !

– most of toxic people are either narccistic or extremely self centered. You need to step outside of relationship zone and and try to detach from your ex as soon as possible. Talk to your best friends! Especially female ones. Eat well and watch fun romantic comedy movies. Do whatever it takes to stop thinking about your ex.

2. Don’t try to fall in love with new one too soon. But try to meet new girls to recover your emotion to healthy stage. And rediscover your emotional weakness and needs. And take your own time to re assess your core personalities and actualize which type of girl you need in your rest of life. This reflection stage will seriously improve your discernment ability to find your ideal type of lady.

3. If your toxic ex wants to come back or talk to you again then be honest as much as possible to express your negative feelings toward your ex. Complain and criticize as much as you can …and when you are ready..begin to wash away the good and bad memories with your ex. And forgive your ex and move on… Anger or disappointment with your ex will hold on to her energy and her memories. These emotional attachments won’t help you to overcome your distressed emotion. It will make you harder for you to begin new reltionship with better person.

Men and women have very different reaction after break up stage. Women tend to go through more varieties of emotional stages than men but at the end, women usually choose to improve themselves to meet better male partners in future and their recovery speed is lot faster than male.

Men usually fall toward self destructive behavior and choose to hold on to past lot longer than women.

So my advice to good hearted gentle men is …

When you break up with some one special, don’t try to look back or don’t hold on to hope to make it better…usually 2nd chance don’t work out well.

I’ve learned hard way that..most precious valuable thing is time.

Time can’t be bought nor go back… Don’t waste your time with some one maybe or might work out.

Especially if you were dating younger lady, if things didn’t work out then just move on.

Time will become more valuable every seconds and minutes pass by..and your remainig time will be reduced each day toward end of your life.

Don’t spend time and energy on some one who need to fix up or re-adjust. Spend more time to find the right one. Explore yourself into adventure to find compatible one.

Even you may not find the perfect one at the end…at least you tried every thing and ways to find the ONE. Your moments of explorations were meaningful.

But if you let yourself stuck with one who is not compatible and spend so much time and energy to teach, adjust, convince, endure plus plus..then you will spend your rest of life fixing your relationship with some one who will never make you happy nor give you peace.

We men always try to be provider in every situation to our beloved women. But many times we men forget what we need in return from our relationship.

Try to focus on mutually happy healthy relationship.

Relationship is not supposed be a work or another project.

If you find toxic element from the lady you are dating then just move out and move on.

At the end of the day,
You were looking for happiness in your life. If the special girl you felt love at first sight or you felt like you wanted to spend the rest of your life …then later on you found out she wasn’t the one or complete opposite of what you were looking for then…
You will be more miserable than before you met that special girl and surely, you will never find happiness with this girl.

No one will enter into promised land without making a few errors. Believe in destiny! As long as we don’t give up, eventually we will arrive to promised land with lovely lady who will make mutually happy.

One more advice!

When you made decision to leave your toxic relationship, never look back! Never give 2nd chance! Don’t listen to any one! Listen to your own heart!

From Ukraine with 💘 Love 

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