To all men who are not married and who look their future wife. This video are for you!  

This is our client Natali. What a beautiful name. And what a beautiful girl she is!  She is beautiful not only outside, her spirituel world is also beautiful. She is kind, very kind. Now the war in Ukraine, but Natali did not leave Ukraine, she  is volunteer in Kiev and help people.  Only brave girl can do it. Can you imagine that this young, tender, slim girl help the older people, help the children under the bomb? Kiev is under the bomb, but she is working. We are proud of her.

Natali is graduated from the University and before the war was working in her family business.  In free time she liked to do the sport. It was before the war. War changed the life. But we are sure that it will finished soon.

Natali is very lonely. Even she has a lot of friends but she has no her best friend, her man, her half.  She is dreaming to meet him soon. She is sure, that one day she will meet him. Thats why she is here. She came to our agency by recommendation of her friend which is already married thanks for our agency. And Natali decided also to come to us. We will try to help her and soon we will publish her Wedding photos in our site.


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    January 5, 2023 at 21:24


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