Hi Luda, this is I, a fellow you arranged dates for in Kiev a couple years ago.  I hope you are doing well and that you will have excellent holidays.  I am writing because I’m considering to come to Kiev next week if I can complete my work here (in California), and if you might have some good candidate women that I could meet.  I’ll refresh you a little bit about me and also include some sample profiles of women I could be interested in. 

I live in San Diego, California near the ocean.  I am well educated (Stanford University), very well cultured.  I am about 5 feet 10 inches tall, have blonde curly hair and blue eyes.  I have an athletic build like a gymnast and have always led an active lifestyle as I participate in many sports and activities.  I’ve travelled the world a lot.  I am divorced and have an 11 year old son, who is half American and half Russian.  I love kids and could embrace those of another woman, and/or have more with her.  I am 62 years old, but most people say I appear to be in my late 40’s or early 50’s.  My ex-wife was Russian and 25 years younger than me.  I am still attracted to women who are considerably younger than me, but I also require good maturity for their age – especially if they are younger.  I think the age range of 25 to 45 suits me.  There’s part of me who wants to have another child, which would mean I’d need a woman that was probably 38 or younger.  However, it’s not mandatory that I have another child.  I am especially attracted to blonde women, or those with light eyes (blue, green, grey), and I like voluptuous but fit bodies (not overweight).  It would be nice to be with someone who has a well developed mind or profession, but the main thing is to be sincere, have a good heart, desire to be a great partner, and to learn and grow as a person and together.  I’m enclosing a few photos of me here – perhaps you will remember me.  Anyway, I wanted to ask you what women might you have who would roughly meet my criteria (wish list) and who would also consider being with someone my age (or could not care about it).  While I do not want to attract “gold diggers” (women who primarily want a better lifestyle through a rich husband but may not really care for him), I realize that for a young, beautiful woman to be happy with an older man, often times she is a gold-digger.  However, I am still being optimistic and hope to find the “needle in the haystack” – a rare person with a golden heart who will just love the person I am despite my age.  Having said that, I am financially very sound and could provide a great lifestyle to my partner in a very upscale part of California and the U.S., very close to the ocean.  I could also make sure that she and our kids are taken care of for the rest of their lives, well after I’m gone.  Anyway, enough said for now.  Please reflect on this if you would, and if possible to provide some thoughts by tomorrow, that would really help since if I am to do this, I would fly to Kiev sometime Sunday or at the latest Monday, and only have until Sunday, January 2 before I’d have to return home.  However if you think I am being unrealistic and won’t likely have some good prospective women to meet on such a short notice trip and with some women being away with their families, please let me know so I don’t waste my time.  Thank you for your consideration and talk with you soon.  Warm regards, I.

Some women of interest:

Aliona, Natasha, Alena, Lena, Evelina, Tania, Sofi, Nina


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