Since we have resumed our work in Kiev we have published several articles on our website with the current photos of our city. And many of our clients call us and ask for more photos. Perishing is a very interesting thing for many of you. Some of you have already visited our capital many times and are in love with its streets, its spirit and even have your favorite restaurants here. Others are planning their holidays and you would like to know if you can already return to our city the one you miss. There are also people who ask us if everything is as it was or if it has changed a lot. It is logical that there are changes, we are at war. But there is good news for lovers of Kiev, the city is recovering and recently several restaurants of the McDonalds chain have opened. It is a symbol of life that returns to our city, they are the jobs for many people and also for some of our clients. Well, I hope you like the photos we have prepared for you and that soon it will be safe to visit the capital or any other city of Ukraine.

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