First let me say: This site is real. The women are REAL.

Second: Luda, manager / owner, is Wonderful. Luda really cares about her clients, Male or Female. She knows each woman on this site personally.

Third: If you are serious about finding the right woman you need a face to face with Luda (my opinion). Luda knows all the right questions to ask you and can read you as a person. It’s her gift!!! Be very open and honest with Luda. Luda will find the right woman for YOU!

Now for my story:

I have visited and joined many popular dating sites. I came across a lot of scams and sites trying to get more money out of you. I even had a website close my account because they realized I was in Kiev and wanted meetings with women and not be a pen pal for months. I also found ONE real woman. She wanted only to play games and exchange risky photos. As soon as she realized I was in Ukraine she wanted nothing more to do with me. REAL WOMEN DON’T WANT TO BE PEN PALS FOR MONTHS!!!!! REAL WOMEN WANT TO MEET YOU AND SEE IF THERE IS CHEMISTRY.

Please take notice that Luda has her website geared toward meeting women and not being pen pals.

After I was blocked from meeting women through the popular website, I looked for a local Kiev dating agency. I looked at them all. Dating Agency Love jumped out at me. So, the next day I drove to Kiev to find this dating agency. I didn’t register on the website. I didn’t email or contact Luda in any way. I should have! I arrived at the agency and looked all around this building. No sign anywhere to be found, typical Kiev. I call the number on the website and Luda answers. Luda speaks good English. The phone connection was horrible. I told her I was outside the building and wanted to know if I could come in to see her. Luda informed me I couldn’t come inside because she was no longer at that address. Maybe why there was no sign! Luda tried to give me her new address. Between the bad connection and me not understanding the name of the street it seemed like I wasn’t going to get my meeting. I don’t give up easily. Luda told me to find someone who speaks Russian to help me. I walked up and down the street and only found a drunk passed out under a tree. I wasn’t giving up! I drove to a shopping center that was close by. It was lunch time, so I went into the pizza shop. My thoughts: Someone working here must speak English. My waitress was about 18. I was in luck, NOT! What to do now? After my meal I saw a young woman come out of the managers office. I approached her and asked if she spoke English. The manager new a little English. I explained I needed to call Luda and get her address and I wasn’t able to understand the directions. The manager agreed to help me. She wrote the address down for me and described me to Luda. I went to my car and tried entering the address in English and Russian. GPS didn’t like the address! I was heading back into the pizza shop to get help and noticed the manager sitting outside doing paperwork and smoking. She agreed to type the address into Google maps on my phone. Google is a life saver!

I finally arrived at my destination. I recognized Luda waiting for me outside. We sat on a bench outside and chatted for a while. Luda Interrogated me for some time. She was very thorough. After my interrogation was over and Luda decided that I was genuine and was truly looking for a woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with she offered to show me the women on her website. I don’t want to know what happens to the men she disapproves of! Luda told me her phone, with all the women and information, died yesterday and was in the shop. We would have to use my phone and look through the website. I told her that looks, and age isn’t what matters to me. I was looking for a smart and mature woman. A 40-year-old or any age women that acts 20 is not for me! I prefer very little cosmetics. I like natural beauty, no big lips or breast implants. I don’t like fake!

We went to a coffee shop around the corner to get out of the sunlight. I went to her website and selected PROFILES of GIRLS. As I was scrolling through the numerous photos of beautiful women Luda would tell me about each one. Personal information that wasn’t on the website. Luda actually knows these women! Luda would tell me if the woman was a good match for me or not. How do you choose from so many beautiful women? DON’T, you haven’t got a clue of what you are doing! Let Luda see what type of woman piques your interest. Then Luda will decide for you. Luda said she narrowed it down to 2 women. She said she would contact the women and set up a meeting for us. I was very pleased and figured I would be meeting one of the women on the upcoming weekend and had a few days to get ready.

I was very excited. I was going to meet a real woman. NO GAMES. NO LETTERS. This was a great feeling.

I gave Luda a ride into Kiev center to check on her phone. I thanked her many times for everything. Luda truly enjoys finding the perfect couple.

Luda called me a few hours later and said I had a date for the next day at 12:30. Luda told me which woman would be meeting me and pointed out that this woman’s photos don’t do her justice. That was fast! I am stuck in Kiev traffic, and it’ll be late before I get home. My time to get ready had quickly disappeared.

I met with Luda the next day around 11:00. We drove to the restaurant that my date chose. We arrived a little early and found a place to sit. The restaurant was amazing. It was in a wooded section in Kiev center. It was very open, and you forgot you were in the center of a city. Luda stood outside on the walking path to meet my date so she could introduce us. I sat patiently looking down the path to catch a glimpse of my date. I saw a gorgeous woman round the corner in the distance. I just knew it was her. Luda was correct in saying the photos didn’t do her justice. My date was drop dead gorgeous! Luda introduced us and stayed with us throughout the meal. Luda helped translate, not a lot was needed but helped when needed. Luda also knew all the right topics to bring up. The dealbreaker questions you need to know before you start a relationship. It was very hard for me to concentrate on anything other than how gorgeous my date was. Her eyes hypnotized me. She was smart, mature, little cosmetics, and nothing fake just like I told Luda I was looking for. I never said that she had to be drop dead gorgeous, but that was a bonus! Luda is amazing and took most of the awkwardness out of our first meeting. Thank you again, Luda. The lunch was great and lasted a few hours, could have lasted a lot longer and I wouldn’t have noticed. I am quite sure we both felt chemistry. We agreed on another date. Luda gave us her blessings. She also whispered to me: “Your freedom is over”

The Moral of this story is: Meet Luda, be honest, TRUST Luda, and she will find you the women that is perfect for YOU. Don’t give up! The reward is worth it!

This is as far as my story goes for now. I will update this story more as life goes on.

Unbelievably Happy.

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