Yana is hightly educated. She graduated from the University and she is  lawyer. Now the war in Ukraine and she had to leave Ukraine to Europe, but when the war will be finished she will continue to work as a lawyer. 

Yana was never married and has no children. She think that family better start after all studies and when you will meet your right person to be your life partner, 

What she is looking in her future life partner?  Only Love. Yes, only Love. She think that love it is the most strong feeling in our life. She did not meet that deep love in her life yet. That is why she is here in our site “Love”.

She is not looking for perfection. She is looking for sinsere, honest, calm, independent man who can understand her in different situation of the life. From her side Yana is ready to give him respect and love. She will make the house cozy and warm. And she wants that their future home will be the center of the world for she and for her future husband full of love and joy.

Her hobby? She likes to cook special food with the special taste. Yana is a vegetarian. That why she cooks only vegetarian food. But if her husband will be not vegetarian, It is not a problem. The main thing that in their house will be healthy food.

 When she has time, she likes to go to the nature. She likes the forest, the sea, the Sunsets and the rain. Sometimes Yana likes to stay home and to read a nice book. But to go to the the theater it is also a good  idea. But she is more home girl. She feel comfortable at calm, cozy place. 

As all Ukrainian girls, Yana likes the flowers a lot. And she wants when her future husband will come to the first date-he will come with flowers. She thinks if a man come to date without flowers-this man is not ready for serious relation. And It is true. 

Yana is 28 years old. It is a good time to start to think about future marriage. That why she is here

We are sure that we will find to her the future husband. And in our Marriage agency “ Love” will be one more happy couple.


  1. Pritam

    27/05/2023 at 18:35

    ????:Hi beautiful how are you? I saw your profile on Facebook. I really like you. would you be my life partner? I am looking for serious relationship.

  2. seeyou

    09/07/2023 at 11:41

    Nice to meet you
    Do you like to marry me.?
    Iam really serious.
    If so write me

  3. seeyou

    09/07/2023 at 11:41

    Do u like to marry iam really serious.

  4. Parker69

    21/08/2023 at 16:50

    Hey, there beautiful. How are you? I ran across your picture and was mesmerized.

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